Today we are launching a new blog series that takes you through the steps of creating a collection. Whether it’s the first time a company is bringing apparel to market or they are a seasoned brand, everything starts from an initial concept.

From demographic info to the trend direction it all comes up in this phase of development. We decided to create a line of activewear for Spring 2014. Over the next few weeks we’ll take you through the steps of bringing this collection to life. Today we are going to ask and answer a few important questions. First we set the mood.

Activewear Inspiration

Who is the target customer?
Our girl is between 18-24, exploring possible career paths and personal ambitions. She has a natural eye for fashion, so even when she is relaxing or exercising her appearance is important.

New Collection - Muse

Where/How is she wearing the clothes?
She is not hindered by convention. So while this is an activewear line she may just as easily wear it to the gym as mix and match the collection with jeans for a casual afternoon.

What key trends are we infusing?
Geometric, cut-out, and the juxtaposition between drape and fitted garments. 

Trend Direction Spring 2013 Active

How will we use color, graphics, and prints?Focus on pastel shades with black and metallic accents. Prints will be soft and organic to counterbalance the straighter lines in the silhouettes.Throughout this process we gave here the steps on the fix windows 10 update not working errors which would help you in tending to these and every single other sort of mistakes that happen when introducing refreshes. you’ll notice we used a lot of imagery.This is really important in conveying your point of view. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So even if you are contracting a designer to help create your collection, being able to answer these four questions will get your collection started in the right direction.