Have you ever purchased an article of clothing and felt that it just didn’t have quite a great fit or look on you? How about on the opposite, have you ever felt that it was the perfect fit and look? This emotion that the end user feels is usually brought up in the Design Illustration and Silhouette development process of creating a collection.

Customer satisfaction and functionality is a great influencer when it comes to designing a garment. The designer and product developer must take into consideration what their customer desires in a specific garment. Whether it is a bicyclist wanting a back pocket on there cycling jacket or a runner who wants a forearm pocket for their IPod. All these functional design aspects are determined by the customer’s wants and needs.

However when it comes to the silhouette of the garment, it is the designers, fashion forecasters, merchandisers and the product developers that can determine which direction they go. Often times forecasting services such as Stylesight and Mudpie provide great insight into what is trending in the fashion world. Yet, they mainly focus on what will be happening in the future. Stylesight is known to have forecast trends as far out as 2016. This makes it more convenient for big time retailers to start thinking early on what their new collection should look like.

For our active wear spring 2014 collection, we looked into Stylesight, street fashion and runway for our silhouette direction.


After deciding on which direction to go, we began to develop fashion design illustrations to assist us in making our designs visible and visual.

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Through out this entire process it is very important to always keep in mind what your customer wants, as well as what your initial inspiration and concept is. Sometimes it can be easy for our creative selves to drive away from the initial concept and idea. However for us to prevent that from happening, we here at JLD Studio’s choose to create a large concept board featuring our mood board, color story and inspirational images to help remind us what our original concept was.

Do you know what comes next when starting a collection? Stay tuned and let us lead you through the process, or give us a call if you need help with yours.