The world of design is never as easy as it looks. From customer preferences to trend forecasting all the way to the garment construction the starting of a collection process can be very tedious. However one of the most important parts of the design process is the development of Technical Illustrations.

Many people may not know about this step within the design process. However the development of technical illustrations is one of the most important and key parts of the design process. You might be asking yourself “what are technical illustrations?” Here is the quick definition via, “A technical drawing or plan, rendered to scale, used to communicate direction…” It is within this step where communication and direction is essential. The technical illustration is where, as a designer, you are communicating to the product developers on what the design should look like when sampled.

For our active wear spring 2014 collection, we had our design team develop the technical illustrations. Here are a few of the tops pulled from our initial Illustrations.


The industry standard for the development technical illustrations is Adobe’s Illustrator. Within this program you are able to accurately work alongside the curves and seams of the garment. The vector base program ensures the details are captured with out any grainy or pixilated lines.


As stated earlier this process can be very tedious, however you have to always keep in mind who your customer is and what your original sketches looked like. It can be easy for our creative minds to drive away from the initial idea, we may continue to be caught up in the design illustration process and forget on how important the role of technical illustrations can be to creating a collection. However, this process can be much easier for you if you choose to go through a design service like JLD-Studios. We have fashion technical design services for any one who needs extra assistance.

Do you know what comes next when starting a collection? Stay tuned and let us lead you through the process, or give us a call if you need help with yours.