When starting a collection the generation of a color story is very important. From the blues to gold to pinks and purples, no matter what story you choose it obvious to say that they must go well together. Whether you choose to go with a monochromatic color scheme or a complimentary, it is such an important part of the collection process.

Some designers may choose to go to a picture for color inspiration; others may choose to use a series of paintings or photographs. Another great resource that a good majority of the fashion world today chooses to go through is forecasting services. They may offer a variety of different color swatches, silhouette and textile forecasting.

In this series we are developing and active wear collection for Spring 2014. Take a look at our color inspiration, some of which can also be seen in our first post.



Once we choose our first color story we utilized Pantone to develop color standards. They to function as both a trend and color forecasting site, as well as the industry standard for identifying colors. As far as color goes, there are swatches that are labeled and categorized with numbers and letters so that we may find the true color.

Pantone Color Selection

Please stay tuned to learn the next step in developing a fashion line. As always if you need help with yours contact us today.