Trends come in all shapes and sizes. Inspiration can come from many different sources. This season our trend watch is focused on Subliminal Symmetry. With inspiration deriving itself from the glass between kaleidoscopes, moviebox for iphone circular repeats and proportional objects.  This is one to keep an eye out for, which also means it is one that we will be presenting this year at Printsource New York.


Printsource Trends Printsource Trends

We are seeing geometric prints, harsh lines, symmetry and formulaic patterns. These are some of the key print trends we are following for our Subliminal Symmetry collection. Each piece within this trend shows various elements of geometric chaos. Providing our eyes with so much to take in!


Printsource Inspiration Printsource Inspiration

Printsource Inspiration Printsource Inspiration

Mosaics, traffic reflected in mirrors, chaotic repetition, bright color, geometric detail and defined lines are all sources of inspiration for subliminal trend. With close attention to every detail behind each object, this geometric trend appears to be here to stay.


Symmetry Print design

Here is a little sneak peek of what you can expect to see if you stop by our booth at Printsource New York. The show takes place at the Penn Plaza Pavilion from January 15 to the 16th. We’re at Booth E7, see you there!

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