With inspiration deriving from the oceanic realm and the celestial skies and enhanced with watercolor and photographic techniques, and a focus on placements and repeats, this season’s Printsource trend watch, Mystic Waters, will have you delving into a world of beautiful hues and abstract prints. JLD-Studios will be presenting this trend next week at Printsource.



Mystical auras marbled and morphed in color, watercolor techniques infused with oceanic elements and distressed texture absorbed into the real world in gorgeous blue hues are some of the key print trends we are following for the Mystic Waters collection.


Creating layers of the sea depths with underwater camouflage prints and kaleidoscopic elements playing off the reflection and refraction of natural light are all sources of inspiration for our Mystic Waters trend. With close attention to all the details, the Mystic Waters trend is here to stay.