It may be the holiday season, but with Market Week, Magic, and Chinese New Year right on its heels, there is no rest for the design department. Add in holiday vacations and someone is going to be stuck working long hours and missing out on the holiday fun.

This season, don’t let crunch time put a damper on your holiday bliss. It’s the perfect time to ask if you could use a little help.  We think you’ll find JLD-Studios is the answer.

Take a look at your to do list. Then compare it to our design services listed below. See any similarities?

Apparel Design ServicesDesign
– Garment Sketches
– Stitch Details
– Embellishment Placement Sketches
– Trim Development
– Line Sheets

CAD & Print Design
– Colorway Options
– Repeats
– Digitizing
– Print cleaning / color separation

– Construction Detail Sketches
– Specs

Let us step in and assist in some of these areas. Whether it’s one design or ten, we can give you that breathing room you need.

If you ever wished design elves or CAD fairies would swoop in during the wee hours to complete your project, imagine no more. We do exist and are here to help with all your design needs!

Contact us today to learn more.