How does Pantone select the color of the year? Since 1999, the “global authority on color and provider of professional color standards,” Pantone, has held a press release selecting a color to represent the following year. It is a process consisting of secret meetings, industry experts, and conceptual show and tell. Each year a collaboration of colorists and consulting companies from around the world are selected to take part in the meetings that will be deciding the color of the year.

An organized theme is created that is representative of what the coming year might represent such as growth and renewal or in the case of 2014’s Radiant Orchid, innovation and creativity. Using the theme as a jumping off point, colorists and industry experts each create a color palette they think best captures the year’s theme. This will be presented to the entire group over the course of a two day, secret meeting. Once they are all presented, a discussion about each color palette’s merits will begin asking the question: does the symbolism of this color match current world issues and feelings? This color will represent not only be a fashionable shade to be used in designer’s collections, but as a symbol of the year to come.

Once selected and announced in December the year prior, this color and similar shades will undoubtedly make appearances in runway and ready wear collections worldwide as the new year progresses.

Even as news of Radiant Orchid is still buzzing with its recent release, preparations are already being made to schedule the secret meetings for 2015’s color of the year. What could it be? Only time and trends will tell.