I am very excited by men’s fashion in London. As a whole, male shoppers are a bit more daring with their fashion choices which opens up a whole new level of trend possiblities.

1) Trendy Accents

Pops of leather, plaid, and bold prints can be seen in everything from footwear to outerwear to tops. It can be as simple as a plain t-shirt with a plaid front pocket and sleeve trim, but can be as bold as a tribal print and leather bomber jacket.

2) Very Fitting

All around London, one thing remains constant in upcoming men’s fashion: fit. The basic jean, oxford, and sweater look that much better when they are not too baggy, not too tight, but just right. It is all about looking polished even if you are wearing casual pieces, and fit does just that.

3) Not Afraid of Floral

Floral is popping up in men’s fashion this spring! Much like the graphic floral of womens fashion, but more neutral. I have been seeing a lot of grey and navy florals in the shop windows by way of sweater sleeves and footwear panels.

4) Bomber Jackets

I believe the bomber jacket is the staple of 2014 for both men and women. It is everywhere! These can be used to incorporate other trends such as florals for the more fashion forward or well placed accents of leather or quilted fabric to be more neutral.

5) Block Stripes

Not to be confused with color blocking, this trend is showing up in new arrivals around London. It is often done in monochromatic color schemes. I have also seen it done in a coordinating palette primarily of neturals with a pop of color. It is an exciting year for mens fashion! The possibilities for spring and summer collections seem limitless, so now is the time to be daring with your menswear.