As designers we are often asked where our inspiration comes from.  The answer is undeniably- Everywhere!  There are no rules when it comes to inspiration.

This new blog series is to highlight not only our inspiration, but also where it takes us.  Entitled Before & After, we’ll explore where our vision takes us.  From the mundane to the hyper visual, from natural elements to man-made creations, everything in this world can inspire. Now you’ll get a sneak peek at how.

With found objects, its not about what you have but what you can create from it.We found this beautiful silk scarf a few years ago and noticed something really clever. The little ballerinas were more than just that, they reminded us of flowers.

The ballerinas took on a new life as we changed the color ways and did away with the figurines creating an abstract bouquet of flowers.

Today’s inspiration explored textile design. Stay tuned to see where go next.