When we first started working with Will Hilaire, owner of Hilaire Productions, all we knew was that he had a great idea.  A towel with a pocket!  Little did we know that his vision went way beyond a product.  Building his dream company means giving to the community.

On the tragic day, 4.15.13, of the Boston Bombing, Will was in our thoughts. When we spoke to him that week, this project was at the top of his list.  His towels could be used as a platform to show pride in his city, the resilience of the people, and support a worthy cause. Summed up in the mantra, Boston Strong!

Boston Strong Towel

It’s been such an honor to be part of this project, and we were ecstatic to see his towels being proudly held on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Will works tirelessly in the pursuit of his dreams.  Yet, he still finds time to stop and talk to the police and fire fighters he passes along the way.  Thanking them for their service during the bombing and their hard work every day.  Then he gives them one of his towels as a token of thanks.

The Aire Collection of towels feature a water resistant pocket to store your valuables on the go.  The sports towel shown above, is the perfect size for the gym or training for your next marathon.  Attach it to anything with the sturdy clip at the top corner.

Boston Strong Towel featured in Sports IllustratedWill Hilaire Boston Strong

Boston Strong towels come in 2 sizes and 3 designs. With a percentage of proceeds going to One Fund Boston.  Shop now and show your support for those most effected.