After working in the fashion industry for years, or even months, there are certain terms that become second nature.  Some of us forget that not everyone understands these phrases.  Colorway and Color Story are two great examples that can sometimes get confused.  What is a colorway?

Colorway – a color or arrangement of colors; any range of colors in which a style or design is available.


Every time you go shopping you see colorways.  That legging you were considering in black, blue, or grey.  Those are three colorway options.  For a brand, having a few colorways for one particular garment means you will reach a wider audience.  It also helps to carry your color story and will make the collection cohesive.

So, What is a color story?

Color Story: Is a palette of colors used together to make a cohesive fashion statement throughout a collection.

Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report 2018

You may recognize Pantone from their color of the year. They also put out a color story gleaned from the latest NY fashion week runway shows.  It is a compilation of colors we most expect to see in stores.

When building a color story for each season, it’s important to know the ways that different colors interact.  Most have some grounding in neutral or traditional shades to balance the eye. While there are many trend services to help us research the expected, many designers like to put there own spin things. After all, it’s the unexpected that makes fashion fabulous!