A few weeks ago we reported on some of the top 2015 textile trends. Here at the studio we are always creating our own textiles and prints inspired by the trends around us.  Today, we want to make a few of the elements we use available for download.  These vector files can be used royalty free and downloaded here.

Today’s digital download was inspired by an upcoming trend- Retro Vacation. These are  Hawaiian prints that gives a new voice to that of yesteryear. We are creating motifs of iconic leafy palms, hibiscus flowers, other flora and fauna and chopping them up. These new motifs are a fusion of tropical and psychedelic as if “plucked from Eden and made surreal.”

Mirrored Tropical Jungle Theme Print

Continuing with our love of the new camouflage, we are happy to give our take on Jungle Camouflage. We have refined classic jungle and animal prints adding colorful life, jungle backdrops, and play with proportions. They then become symmetrical and geometric.

Pastel Print Design

The downloads are available in black and white. This will allow you to play with different colorways, from spicy and juicy palettes to softer pastels. Imagine the Tropical Jungle elements in colors that mimic the blur of the summer breeze and a gradient sky.


Now that you’ve had a glimpse of what we did with them, have some fun of your own.  Of course, we’re also happy to help you create a look that fits best with your brand! Take a look at our textile design services to learn more.  Happy Downloading!

Files are available as ai, eps, and svg versions. Each file type includes all 8 vector images.

Tropical Jungle Graphic Print