In a previous blog post, we discussed how designers become inspired to create. Fashion is often about borrowing inspiration from others and making it your own. Inspiration can come from nature, cultural factors, and sometimes other already manufactured pieces! Designers often gather inspiration from other designs (without this, there would be no trends). It isn’t about copying another designer, but taking something different and breathing new life into it, or putting your own spin on it. This Before and After blog post is dedicated to an athletic wear collection, and how it came to be.

A designer may see one piece from another collection and boom- inspiration for something different happens. Here are a few pieces that our client brought to us as a jumping off point, she wanted to create a similar vibe infused with elements specific to her customer and the tennis market.

Tennis dress inspiration black tennis skirt

What inspired us about these pieces is that even though they are made to be exercised in, they are still fun and flirty. They have color, great silhouettes, and most of all, personality. We wanted to capture this for her collection, yet still come up with pieces that feel fresh and new. You don’t want potential buyers to feel like they have seen something before, so you must walk the line of taking inspiration from other designers very carefully.

Final Product

Here is the final product! You can see how we took some cues from the earlier looks, while still creating something new and exciting. These workout clothes have personality! Customers often need motivation to exercise, so what better way than bright gym clothes that make your customer feel good!

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This collection is still in development, but coming soon! Check out to learn more.