We talk a lot about women’s trends here and on twitter; but the reality is that we do just as much menswear design. So we decided to switch it up a bit, and dedicate this report to menswear trends for fall/winter 2014.

Green, brown and orange are  the big colors of the season for men, so designers and manufacturers, take note. We saw shades of green on so many different pieces and looks, which is great because this color can be casual and also looks great dressed up for night. Orange was also spotted on mostly casual looks, while brown will be a big color for evening. You can expect to see a lot of brown suits on the red carpet next season, so you might want to consider this color for your suits in the next few seasons.

Orange- menswear trends Fleece- This trend reminds me of the North Face Jackets and Patagonia fleece jackets that were essential for every high school student. Appeal to the nostalgia of your clients by incorporating some elements of fleece, like a vest or a jacket, in your fall/winter collection, as many designers showed on the runway. This is a look that is warm, and perfect for the conventional man (as some of these trends later on the list might not be..) Shearling/ fur is also big for next season, and a great way to add some warmth to your collection.

Fleece- menswear trends

Mankets- Yes, a manket. Think of a large, blanket-like pashmina for men and you have the “manket”. This look isn’t for the client who is afraid of being bold. They’re incredibly thick and worn around the neck, which makes them ideal for those chilly winter months. These were spotted on the street about a year ago, and now they have shown up on the runway, most notably at the Burberry Prorsum show.

Manket- menswear trends

Turtleneck: Another way to stay warm in the winter (if the manket doesn’t really fit in your collection) is with a turtleneck! This classic piece is making a comeback for fall/winter 2014. Both thick-knitted varieties and slimmer styles are in for the season. Tom Ford was even showing slim-knit turtlenecks with suits instead of a tie or bowtie, adding some variety to his suits this season. Dior Homme also featured this style on the runway, as shown below.

Turtleneck- menswear trends

“Urban Opulence”- If your client is the bold, confident man who likes to stand out in a crowd, than this look is for you. Bold colors like royal blue and gold make up this refined color palette, with a hint of metallic. This look has an air of luxury and uses sophisticated fabrics, like velvet or brocade. Keep this look in check with sophisticated tailoring and slim cuts.

urban opulence- menswear trends

These are just a few of the trends for menswear fall/winter 2014. People may often think that there isn’t much creativity to menswear, yet these few trends definitely disprove that theory.