In today’s world, many people are striving to be more eco-friendly, or green, and fashion is no different. Many fashion brands may try to label themselves as green, but we wanted to show you five brands that aren’t just trying, but making real strides in the name of eco-friendly fashion. None of these brands simply make tee shirts or sweatshirts, they are full-service fashion labels that are committed to sustainability.

Svilu is a women’s fashion label committed to reducing waste and being as environmentally-friendly as possible. They use 100% organic cotton and a textile called tencel, which is made from the pulp of a Eucalyptus tree, and modal which is a textile made from the pulp of Beech trees. They even use a form of digital printing on fabric, because it produces very little waste, and does not use as much electricity as standard printers. Svilu proves that clothes can still be beautiful and feminine, yet made sustainably as well.

Amour Vert is a brand that is as green as they come, yet it is still ultra-stylish (their name literally translates to “love green”). Their prints are unique and upbeat, which is a great description for the line as a whole too.  This San Francisco-based brand only uses sustainable materials for its clothing, including organic cotton and recycled polyester, as well as low-impact dyes that are free of harsh chemicals. And they also employ a strategy similar to that of TOMS where for every Tee sold, Amour Vert will pay to have a tree planted in the U.S.

Edun is a brand that has major street cred in the fashion world- partly due to the fact that a rock star is one of the founders. Bono, and his wife, Ali Hewson founded Edun because they wanted to promote trade in Africa, and help boost the local economies. The goal of the label is to promote long-term growth and sustainability by creating infrastructure and promoting local manufacturers. The brand supports the Biidi School in Kenya, where children draw pictures onto organic cotton shirts, which will be sold on and 100 percent of these profits will go towards the school. This brand is green and totally committed to boosting Africa’s economy.

Kowtow designs may be minimalistic, yet they are still incredibly chic. This is another brand that is not only devoted to being green, but like Edun, they are also committed to being an ethically-responsible brand as well. Kowtow only uses 100 percent organic cotton and exclusively utilizes dyes free of harsh chemicals. Kowtow is also fair-trade certified, by the Fairtrade Labeling Organisation (who has strict standards companies must meet to earn this label).  Kowtow even had cameras follow them to India to document their cotton use from seed to garment, and the result was a documentary that shows their enduring commitment to eco-friendly fashion.

Feral Childe is a clothing brand that produces quirky-cool pieces created by designers Moriah Carlson and Alice Wu. They use only sustainable fibers, and manufacture out of NYC. They strive to reduce the waste that their studio produces, and they donate what remnants of textiles they don’t need to local design schools. Their designs are created when a customer places an order, to combat excess inventory. If any customer requests credentials to prove that a design was created sustainably or organically, Feral Childe will happily provide reports with detailed processes of their sourcing/ manufacturing techniques.

Now you know it is possible to create a collection that is totally chic, and green too! It may take a little creativity and ingenuity, but these labels prove it can be done, while still making a profit. Do you have an organic product idea? Contact JLD-Studios to learn the first steps toward production!