60's Fashion - Miniskirt

Trends are hardly ever new. More often than not, they are recycled and updated for the modern world. When you think about 60’s fashion, most think hippies, bell-bottoms, and mod. There are so many more iconic looks that came from the decade, we will go through the biggies.

Long Live Leggings

With the invention on Lycra came Leggings of course! From Ann Margret to Debbie Reynolds you can find celebs sporting our favorite look~leggings.

1960s celebrity leggings

We especially love how Emelio Pucci got in on the action with printed styles.


Fighting for Mini-Love

60's Fashion - Mini Skirt ProtestWomen across the globe owns, or has owned, a mini-skirt at some point in her life. Despite the somewhat mysterious origin, by 1966, “it” girls from around the world were showing a lot more leg.

Miniskirts - Then & Now

Today hemlines continue to creep up the leg as mini-skirts come in many forms. From studded, assymetrical, adorned with zippers, sequins, pleats, or body-con, the mini is far from boring.

It’s a (wo)man’s world


Another fashion main-stay that grew to popularity in 60’s fashion was the controversial introduction of the pantsuit for women. Yves Saint Laurent first pioneered this look in 1966 with the “Le Smoking” suit. Viewed as “inappropriate” for women to wear pants, women donning the pantsuit could be refused service at upscale establishments. This didn’t stop women such as the zealous Katherine Hepburn to unapologetically wear pantsuits, furthering women equality.


Today, designers feature pantsuits in almost every collection, regardless of season. Pantsuits can be used as a visual reference of strength.

 She may even wear the suit in a bold color- like red, to make the look more daring. Sometimes they don’t even wear a shirt under, a la Taylor Swift.  Although this look wouldn’t be so appropriate for the office, where many women do wear a suit. These days, designers will add feminine details to a suit too, to make it a little more “wearable” for the average woman.

Taylor Swift Pantsuit


Shift Style

60's Fashion - Shift DressAnother iconic look from 60’s fashion was the evolution of the shift/tent dress popularized during this decade. The beauty of the shift dress is in its simple design. The design hangs away from the body with a bust dart seam; giving the dress a more fitted upper torso, leaving the dress straight or with a subtle A-line from the waist to just above or below the knee.

90’s Evolution

In the 90’s, the shift dress was updated, and thus the Babydoll dress was born. This dress was still very loose, and often sleeveless. Its popularity in the 90’s was due to the fact that it was so versatile. From girly to grunge, “kinderwhore” was used to describe the style of dress that performers such as Courtney Love made popular.

After 20 years, Babydoll dresses don’t seem to be going anywhere. Having inspired the empire waist dress, this variation of the babydoll features a defined higher waist. This staple  these dresses are so popular is because they flatter many different body types, and its even become a popular silhouette for maternity wear!,

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