Since the 2015 spring menswear runway shows began this weekend, we thought we would dedicate this trend report to what we’re seeing on the runway. Some of these trends may be a bit funky for the average male, but that doesn’t make the runway shows any less fun. Read our trend report on menswear, and see what you think about some of this years most popular male trends!

Thrift Shop: You can blame Macklemore for starting this one. The thrift shop style is retro, comfortable yet aims to be somewhat polished too. Vintage-y hues and prints, such as plaid or paisley, lends a nostalgic vibe to this trend. Denim, suede, cotton, and chambray are all textiles used that contribute to the nostalgic-feeling too (sorry Macklemore, your fur didn’t make the cut). This could be a no-fuss look that the casual man could easily wear, or it could easily be dressed up into a more liberace-esque thrift store vibe, if that is what you’re looking to achieve.

Avant-Pop: Avant-Pop looks exactly how it sounds, electric colors, bold prints and expressive patterns all comprise this extravagant trend. A lot of knits make up this look, jersey, rayon and Jacquard were used to create these exuberant shapes. On the runways, Avant-Pop was full of juxtapositions. Designers would show scenes of nature with exaggerated colors, or graffiti or some added element of surprise. This fashion trend isn’t for the everyday man, it is for the man who wants to be the center of attention and uses clothes to help achieve this.

Streamline: This fad is all about crisp clean lines, with a minimalist approach to design, and is pretty much the opposite of Avant-Pop. It is relaxed, yet still modern. Soft, muted tones in cotton, nylon and other easy textures are heavily featured. The streamlined trend is refined, not at all busy, and could work well for the office, if you design work-wear for men. This is also an in-vogue style that is easy for the casual male to participate in, it isn’t too flashy or attention-grabbing.

Artisanal: Inspired by many different cultures, the Artisanal craze is fashion’s melting pot. Rich jewel tones are enhanced with tribal prints, florals and bold Spanish-inspired patterns are just a few of this trends main-stays. Colors like red, royal blue, yellow and orange are often used. Embroidery, fringe, and lace all contribute to this quirky style as well. Texture is very important to this look, and textiles include (but aren’t limited to) leather, suede, and Jacquard. This is also a trend that isn’t wearable for the everyday man, yet for a man who wants to be bold, and stand out from the crowd.

This is just a recap of our favorite trends from the 2015 Spring Menswear shows. Keep the JLD-Studios blog for more trend reports and insider fashion knowledge!