Before & After: Textile Design

Earlier this month, JLD-Studios put out a Before & After blog post dedicated to Vintage Prints. The post detailed how our textile designer gets inspired by a vintage print she came across on one of our Pinterest boards, but wanted to make it her own. textile design Now that the print is finished, we thought we’d add a little more insight into how it was created, and show you the finished products. This is the original print that we drew inspiration from.

Scan_20140723Here is the original drawing our textile designer sketched, while trying to find inspiration from the print. You can see how she borrowed elements from this sketch, like the texture of some of the leaves, yet made it her own in the final designs. She didn’t use all the elements from the vintage piece, just a few that she thought would translate well to a contemporary design.

Textile Design Here is a motif our textile designer created, using the vintage print as her starting-off point. Playing with different colors, layers and filters is what gives it that almost-lacy look, which is an illusion of lights and shadows that modify the off-register style.

And below is the finished product, which turned out great and has a lot of depth (if I do say so myself).

Before&AfterCSo what steps did she take to make this print her own? First, our print designer created her own original sketch by hand, played around with her own motifs in Photoshop, moving it off-center for an off-register look that is abstract and more exciting than the original print. Our textile designer then experimented with different filters, figuring out where to add balance and color for a more playful look.

This motif and pattern almost look three-dimensional, which is a result of the different filters. Also lots of layering of different patterns contributes to the 3-D look. This print now has a much more contemporary, even pop-ish aesthetic that is miles away from the first pattern we saw on Pinterest.

Now that you know more about the details for print design, keep checking the JLD-Studios for more textile design know how! And if you ever need help creating patterns for a collection, contact JLD-Studios for all your design needs.