Print inspiration can come from many different things- perhaps a pattern in nature, the architecture of a sky-scraper, a vintage scarf, or even your own take on a vintage print from Pinterest.

Our print designer hand-drew this picture, using some of the details inspired by a vintage print she found online. It uses some of the same lines and shapes, but she also creates her own lines/shapes to make it her own and add pizzazz.Before & After- vintage prints

The revival of vintage trends is nothing new in fashion, as trends are hardly ever new, just a reincarnation of something from the past. Of course, the design needs to be spruced up a bit, and usually needs recoloring.

The use of modern technology, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, is an easy way to give these vintage prints a more contemporary, modern feel. Using modern technology, we can add textures or play with colors. We can tweak different elements to make it resonate with the modern consumer, and play off trends happening in the market.

Some examples of different effects you can use to manipulate prints are 3D effects, which has new-found popularity right now. Another trick is to dye the fabric blends, such as Cotton/ Rayon, to get a slub or shadowy texture that naturally ads dimension.

With vintage prints, we often see a lot of off-register printing. Recreating this is an easy way to add an extra layer into design.

Now that you know a little bit of background that goes into designing prints, stay tuned next week for a look at the finished print! And if your company ever needs any textile print designed, look no further than JLD-Studios!