With New York Fashion Week in full swing, the sensory overload of upcoming fabrics, silhouettes and colors for the Spring 2015 season is causing my heart to stop (in a good way). I don’t always play favorites but The Row proved that their love for oversized silhouettes will never fade.


This collection wasn’t made for emphasizing the feminine figure, with the covered up shoulders, mid-length skirts and the oversized cross body sitting perfectly on the front of the hip The Row made it to enchant and make women think of how clothing moves while in motion.


There was something about the way the light hit the opening look; the soft sheen of the gold fabric that looked like it was perfectly burned by the sun. Followed by a line of navy blues, stark whites and shades of brown made one dream of a perfect spring morning.

The_Row_028_1366 The_Row_004_1366


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Images via Style.com