Jean Paul Gaultier has announced he is ending his men’s and women’s Ready-To-Wear collections to focus more on Couture and his fragrances. After 38 years of RTW he claims that it saps him from creativity and ultimately robs consumers of newness.  The 62-year-old says of his decision to WWD,

“For some time, I have found true fulfillment in working on the haute couture and it allows me to express my creativity and my taste for research and experimentation.”

Jean-Paul-Gaultier The fast pace movement of RTW collections has cost him to lose his energy and doesn’t allow him the creative freedom that couture collections allow. Over time he has seen the fashion industry speed up to a point where even designer collections have to do things at an industrial pace. Especially with fast fashion markets working so closely behind it causes designers to have to work double time to get out of the fast fashion hole. It’s caused them to lose necessary creative and innovative time for a well seasoned RTW collection. “It comes to a point where you don’t even have time to think.”

With this said, this doesn’t mean he’s leaving his last Ready-to-Wear line to be somber, he’s leaving with the same energy he came in with and the rebellious spirit he has been known for. Leaving RTW will only allow his couture line to be more innovative perfected and bigger. He will also be able to focus on other projects like his fragrance, hotels, interior decorations and collaborations. He’s already contributed so much to the fashion industry that this is just a chapter that’s ready for closing. It will allow all of us to see the Jean Paul Gaultier we love in a new light. He is extremely excited for what’s to come. So are we, Jean, so are we.

Jean Paul Gautier will be showing his final RTW collection at Paris Fashion Week on September 27, 2014.