Denim is the classic staple every person needs (has) in their closet. Whether it’s blue jeans or a denim jacket, it works with anything and is always in style. That’s why for this throwback thursday we’re taking a look at where it all came from.


Denim has been used since the late 18th century. It is said that the twill cotton fabric’s name derives from the French “serge de Nimes” which refers to the city Nimes in France. But it wasn’t until Levi Strauss that denim took off. When the gold rush boom began in the 1870s, workers needed a strong and sturdy uniform that would hold up against the working conditions they were facing.

Denim’s popularity among the rest of society came in the 1930s when Cowboys were shown wearing them in movies. Then in the 1950s, jeans became popular with the younger generation. It was the symbol of the teenage rebellion in TV programs and movies like Rebel Without a Cause, where James Dean’s signature outfit is him wearing a red bomber jacket, white t shirt, and of course blue denim jeans. The surge of teenage rebellion went as far as some schools in the US banning students from wearing denim on the premises.

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Today denim and jeans vary much more than just the classic indigo straight leg. We see it purposely distressed, different leg styles like flare and skinny, we see it as skirts and we see it in all different colors and washes. But denim still represents what it did years ago, it’s a spirited and vibrant cloth with innate qualitites that eternally represents youth, freedom and rebellion.

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