Question Answered: What are RN #s and where do they go?

Care Label exampleThere are many small technical pieces that go into creating your own clothing collection. So many choices to make! From creating and refining the design, to selecting fabric(s), to picking your production factory. It is easy to forget the small, but still very important, things. One of these vital pieces to every apparel item is the label and RN #. We’ve had several designers ask us what this is.

RN stands for Registration Number issued by the Federal Trade Commission to United States businesses that manufacture, import, or sell Textile, Wool, or Fur Acts. RN numbers are placed on the fabric care and content label. RN numbers are required by law to help identify your business if your business name is not included on the label. This is to help the consumer contact you/your business just in case something were to happen. This could be anything from a broken zipper to contacting you about a law suit. Not something anyone wants to happen, but following the rules generally helps avoid that sort of sticky situation. If anything, it couldn’t hurt!

You do not need a new RN number for each and every style, size, and color of the garment. You only need one RN number for your company.

It is ok if you have already been producing and selling clothing without an RN number. Hopefully, there should be other ways of contacting you through your logo or website. However, applying for an RN number is easy and free! The online form is simple to fill out, just make sure that you select “Manufacturing” under “Type of Business”.

How to apply:$rn.call_rn?p_mode=INS

RN Number lookup:$.startup

FTC Frequently Asked Questions:

For our Canadian readers, you have a similar identification number called a CA number. You are able to register for a CA number at:

The Canadian Competition Bureau also has a FAQ for CA Identification Numbers at:


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