Textile Industry Feature: Patricia NugentOver the past few years we’ve had the opportunity to work with Textile Industry expert Pat Nugent of Patricia Nugent Design & Textiles on many occasions. She provides an invaluable resource for designers looking to add unique textiles and embellishments to their collection.

Pat Nugent has been working within the textile industry for over 35 years; starting as a designer and is now in the business of design inspiration. Receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Textile and Clothing Design from the University of Washington in 1978, she traveled to Vienna, Austria to study and receive her Fashion Design Certification from die Modeshule der Stadt Wien in 1979. Since then, Pat has worked for various companies including her role as Vice President of Merchandising and Design at both Ex Officio as well as Cutter & Buck. Most notably, she is the Founder and President of Patricia Nugent Design & Textiles, est. 2004.

Desire to Inspire
Pat’s business is focused on design inspiration which is most often delivered in her comprehensive Design Packages. These are curated with the benefit of years of professional experience in brand development and a passion for textiles. Pat and her team have an intimate understanding of the nuances of brands and labels. “I love that moment when a Designer sees what is perfect for their work,” says Pat. This desire to inspire is infectious, captivating not only to her colleagues, but also her clients.

Check-list for Textiles
When working with any type of outsourced services, each designer should have a check-list of items they are looking for. It is no different working with Patricia Nugent Design & Textiles. To receive the best service, Pat suggests that the Designer or Product Manager send their “wish list” ahead of their scheduled appointment or design package request. These wish lists are confidential and deleted once a purchase has been made. As Pat notes, “We welcome any images that help to guide us. The more we know about what they want the more likely we can offer it in their assortment.”

Beauty from all ages
Most of the textiles in Pat’s collection are vintage. So of course we pressed her to learn about her favorite era. In response, “Beauty belongs to all ages… I believe that beautiful products should be available to all consumers at every price point.”

She went on to say, “What I really love is how textile and surface design reflects the era from which it came. Design tells the history of its time. An obvious example is the crazy, activist, late 1960’s and early 1970’s with the wildly colorful, psychedelic prints and patterns popular at that time.”

At Patricia Nugent Design & Textile they strive to bring beautiful designs for surfaces and textiles to every customer. This focus has allowed for them to not only grow, but to help their clients grow as well.

Wish List
Ready to reach out to Pat for your next design inspiration? For best results, include: the brand or label; the product you are creating; to what gender the design applies; what season you are working on; if the product will be knit or woven; as well as including what the in-store or on-web dates are. To find out more information about Pat and her work, visit: http://www.patricianugenttextiles.com

We wanted to give a huge thanks to Pat for taking the time to answer our questions as well as commend her for the wonderful job she is doing over at Patricia Nugent Design & Textile.