A few weeks ago we did a feature on some upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 trends. I felt as though each upcoming trend deserved a little more in-depth look, with more examples of how to incorporate into your own collection! This week we are focusing on Monochrome.

Monochrome adjective
: having or made up of one color or shades of one color

Simple enough, right? In most cases, when someone thinks monochrome, we think black and white. The wonderful thing about this Spring/Summer 2015 trend is that it isn’t just in black and white. True, throughout runway shows and retailers, designers use the monochromatic scale season to season, year after year. Black and white is probably the most classic of the combinations. What we are seeing the upcoming seasons, though, is not just a resurgence of black and white, but also using shades of one color or a single color all together. This is not the trend for the big and bold, but for elegant silhouettes with simple solid lines.

Monochrome 2When a subtle embroidery or appliqué is added, a dimensional effect occurs adding opulence. Monochrome pieces usually exude a level of elegance, for it is not the print that brings us in, but the beautiful silhouettes of the garment(s).

Monochrome 3It’s amazing how this trend works from sporty to utilitarian looks and everything in between. To check out our initial article featuring Spring/Summer 2015 fashion, click here!