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Digital Patternmaking. A Modernized Necessity.

We, at JLD-Studios, are elated to announce that we are now offering Patternmaking services, utilizing the Optitex Software. This allows us to digitally create, grade, digitize, and modulate designs, streamlining services for our clients.

Digital Strength

By employing a digital platform, we are able to sustain the speed that our clients have come to expect without sacrificing efficiency and quality of service. Assisting us as we move through each phase of the Development process.

Over the last several weeks our team has dedicated time to learn the ins and outs of Optitex.  Following our experiences with hand-drafting and grading we’ve quickly applied the knowledge to this new format.  Now we are ready to take on your projects!  Just as with all our services, we can handle men’s, women’s, and children’s; knit’s or wovens.  Simply send your project to to get a quote and start the process.

Our team is designed to work with your brand from initial design to manufacturing support, making sure that you have ample guidance each step of the way.  From screenprinting blanks, to original design, unexpected questions come up that you may not be prepared for. We are able to work with that factory to cut down on lead time and keep the process moving.

Patternmaking, Optitex

Follow the link to answer any additional questions about our patternmaking services. Or to learn more about Optitex visit their website here.

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