Should I?

Blogging is a great way to explore your voice, and talk about your brand. Is it something that you should invest your time into? Yes, blogging is an investment. It is a great tool that, when appropriately used, will help you connect with consumers. As great as it is, it’s not for everybody.

1. Know the Facts

There are thousands of blogs throughout the internet. There are 42.6 million new posts every single day. That is just on WordPress! With so many posts, how do you find your voice? How are you supposed to reach your audience?

42.6 Million InfoGraphic2. Tell Me All About You

A big part in successfully marketing your brand through blogging is consistency. Start with a great “About Me” introductory post. I mean, put some time into this. This lets the reader get to know you and your brand. The more real you are, the more likely they are to listen. The more likely they are to listen, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Blogging Tip:
Make sure you link your intro elsewhere on your website. Yes, we want to turn our readers into customers. But, we also want to turn our customers into our readers. It is all about creating a lifelong friendship.

3. What Do You Want?

Now we have a few things to work out. How often do you want to post? Do you want this to be personal, or about your brand’s journey to success? What do you want out of the blog? Once you figure out some of these preliminary questions, now we can figure out the specifics.

4. Let’s Be Real

How busy are you? Is this something you can realistically do? How much free time do you have? If the answer is something like, “Free time? What is that?” than blogging probably isn’t your best marketing venture. However, if you have a few hours every week, than we may have something! Depending on how good you are at writing, I would say dedicate 2-3 hours per post, per week. Plan AheadThere may be some weeks where the words flow like Niagara Falls and others where your thoughts are more like water from a frozen pipe. So, plan accordingly. Posting 1-2 times a week is average. Posting 3-4 times per week is very ambitious. Knowing how much free time you have will help you factor in how often to post.

5. Do More Research

This goes hand in hand with knowing your facts. If you have decided that blogging is something that you can feasibly do, than know when to post. Blogging is about writing to two audiences. Your first (and most important) is your consumer. The second is for SEO (search engine optimization). If you want to increase traffic to your site, than you need to write for both.

Try not to make every post an advertisement. Blogging is about forming relationships. Treat each post like you would a networking opportunity. Inform your audience without crushing them with a sales pitch. There is no perfect formula to writing a blog post, but there are hundreds of articles with tips to write one. (Like this one)

6. Is Blogging For You?

There are definitely Pros to writing a blog to promote your brand. Blogging gives you a voice as well as helps to connect you with your audience. But being a small business owner, starting a fashion line, or freelancing your talent, which takes a lot of hard work. Do you have the time to invest in blogging? Do you have enough to say? What will you write about? These are all questions that you need to sit down and seriously answer. Yes, you can start writing your blog, forget about it and then come back to it later. However, each time you start and stop is like hitting the reset button. Your readers will forget you, and all that hard work you placed into writing in the first place will be for none. Whatever you decide, make sure you put your all into it! Good luck!


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