Atelier Versace, Stephane Rolland, Chanel, Spring Couture 2015

I am in love with bringing power to femininity and 2015’s Spring Couture has done just that. Spring Couture 2015 collections have shown us both ends of the femininity spectrum, from soft to edgy. Below are some pieces worth remembering, and hopefully bring some inspiration to a season that is right around the corner. 

Alexandre Vauthier Spring 2015 Couture

Alexandre Vauthie Spring Couture 2105Alexandre Vauthier’s Spring 2015 Couture collection was all about the empowering the female form. Utilizing a monochrome pallet, each piece allows the viewer to concentrate on the hard edges that shape these utilitarian inspired pieces.

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Couture 2015

Jean Paul Gaultier Couture 2015

Continuing the monochrome pallet, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring Couture 2015 collection was described as a “lineup of alterna-brides and she-grooms”. That description could not be more perfect. Each piece provides a juxtapose of soft and edgy. Asymmetry tailors together with, again, highlighting the feminine form providing endless eye candy.

Valentino Spring Couture 2015

Valentino Spring Couture 2015

Valentino’s Spring Couture 2015 collection was reminiscent of a fairy tale. This collection has me daydreaming Juliet racing to her romeo. Romance was rediscovered through intricate embellishments, as we fell in love with each baroque-inspired design.

Loris Azzaro Spring Couture 2015 Collection

Loris Azzaro Spring Couture 2015

Alvaro Castejón welcomes us to the desert with his Spring Couture 2015 collection. Featuring a dry monochromatic pallet; beiges, blacks and blues move down the runway. A sense of lightness and airiness was apparent in this collection, as seen in the sheer dresses and ample cut-outs.

How to apply to Your Collection

Couture is a wholly different animal than Ready-to-wear collections. Each year we take in the over-the-top embellishments and designs. Finding genius in the architecture is simple, but taking that genius and transforming it into subtle RTW designs is what transforms your designs from alright to inspired.

What we can take away from this season is the art of juxtaposing masculinity and femininity. Properly placed cut-outs highlight the softness of the female form, while suit jackets harden the shell. Step back and take a look at your collection, would a well designed blazer pull it together?

What do you think? Use #EmpowerDesign and let us know what inspires you!

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