Now that we’ve all had some time to recover from the excitement of Fashion Week, we’re going to explore some of the freshest trends we noticed on the runways and in the streets for Spring 2016. From Golden Age-inspired evening gowns at Calvin Klein, to what a Harper’s Bazaar reporter describes as “[m]essy, beautiful, punk, ladylike, shiny, grungy, grandpa and glamorous all in one” at Marc Jacobs, we’ll give you the rundown on what’s hot this season.


1. Pink

Flirty, feminine, and oh-so-sweet, pale pink isn’t just for ballerinas this season. Vogue contributor Emily Farra describes this Spring 2016 trend as “unexpected, which is what we love most about it; when everyone else is wearing black and gray this winter, you’ll be positively radiant in pearly pink.” The pastel shade is flattering on just about any skin tone, and you can dress it up or down, and make it as edgy or as classic as you want — pink is making its own rules this season, and so should you.


2. Preppy

With inspirations ranging from classic Oxford collegiate to nautical items fit for a day on the yacht, classic preppy looks are in for Spring 2016. Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and Veronica Beard are among the designers this season who took preppy to new levels, with plenty of crisp, clean lines, deep navy hues, and some fresh, edgy embellishments. Button-down collared shirts, wide, flowy skirts, and some menswear flair make this trend one of the most wearable.


3. Ruffles

Ruffles are classic and romantic, but they have been revamped for Spring 2016, with a look that reads less frilly and fussy and more laid-back and cool. This modern take on the ruffle was embraced by designers like Michael Kors and Oscar de la Renta this season, implementing a slightly slouchier, more relaxed look, while still maintaining the prettiness and femininity that ruffles are loved for.


4. Boudoir

There were several intimates-inspired looks during Fashion Week, from long silken robes at Givenchy, to ethereal satin gowns at Calvin Klein, the bedroom was on the runway this season. These looks are comfortable and romantic, with some modern twists like satin sneakers at Calvin Klein to add a soft, feminine edge to the Old Hollywood vibe of their gowns.


5. Tiaras

Tiaras were seen in the collections of Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent for the Spring 2016 season, and were easily one of the least-expected accessories featured on the runway. From classic prom queen inspiration to anime space princess chic, the tiaras in these designers’ collections aren’t what one would typically think of as practical accessories, but there is a surprising amount of potential for everyday wearability. As Vogue contributor Kristin Anderson put it, “we’ll keep our fingers crossed that come spring, we can all be queen for a day.”


Like what you see, but not sure how to implement some of these Spring 2016 looks in your everyday wardrobe? See my next blog post for simple ways to add some subtle Haute Couture inspirations to your closet without breaking the bank this season!