At JLD-Studios we work to respond to all inquiries.  Though some days it just doesn’t happen.  Not receiving a factory response is one of the most common complaints we hear from new companies. We can’t speak for everyone, but here are some of the reasons our response times can factory response

1- Sheer volume of Inquiries
This is not meant as a humble brag. US manufacturing inquiries are on the rise. Which is great! Flip side is, we have a lot of responses to send. It may take a couple of days for us to get back to you.

Please keep in mind:
– We like to enjoy our weekends too.
– Many of us our working on different time zones.
– We can only send one response at a time and we try not to send canned answers.
– Most companies are in business to create business- we’re not ignoring you. Please give us at least 2-3 full days to respond.Sending multiple emails or calling repeatedly only adds on.

Want to float to the top of the list? Points 2 and 3 are key.

2- Emails with no information.
Would you send a resume that just says, “ I want a job, will you hire me?” If you do, we can’t imagine it’s landing a lot of interviews. Unfortunately, we get many new inquiries akin to that.

I have a great clothing idea I’d like you to make can we talk” Sent from Iphone

Now, I’m not a stickler for grammar or spelling, as I’m sure those that are have noticed.  But I am a little old school when it comes to communication.  I like people to include their name somewhere in their correspondence. We find knowing what you’d like to make is helpful too. Even if your not sure what to say or ask for, here’s an example that is more likely to get a response.

“Hi, my name is X. I’m launching a new line of womens activewear. I would like to start with leggings but I’m new to this process and not sure where to get started. Can you tell me what you need from me and I’ll work to get that information to you.“

We love when new inquiries dive in a little more too. Share your demographic in 1-2 sentences. Attach a couple pictures. Let us know your timeline. Two or three short paragraphs that give us a glimpse into your needs helps us immensely. We’re here to help, but we can’t without information.

3- We don’t make that type of product
research manufacturing segmentsWe do our best to be as versatile as possible, but there are somethings we just aren’t set-up for. And honesty you don’t want us to make them. There are factories that specialize in all manner of products. A little research to find out what they do will take you a long way toward getting timely responses.  We do prioritize our responses to those companies we can most likely assist.

For the record, we do not make swimwear, denim, intimates, accessories (belts, hats, socks) or eveningwear. Our specialty is active and casual garments. If you take peek a through our website, we do our best to make this evident in the pictures and content. We appreciate new brands being eager to work with us, but it must be the right fit to create a lasting relationship that will support your brand.

We’ve been a little blunt here today, but we do that. We can also be incredibly sarcastic but at the end of the day we’re all about Getting Shit Done! Hopefully this helps you do that too.