When we receive a new inquiry, we always ask to see the legging concepts first.  This allows us to better understand the brand direction, assess if we’ll be the best fit, and get started on a proposal.  If this is your first time designing leggings, sending the concepts can be a little daunting!  This post should help you prepare your ideas to send us your legging concepts.

Biggest Misconception – I need to send professional legging sketches
Not at all!  We can work from just about any version of a legging concept, from similar products to rough napkin sketches. We’ve seen it all and are pretty good at interpreting your direction.  Here are some examples to get you ready to send your ideas.

Send us Similar Products with notes on how you would make the leggings unique to your brand.


Include a few notes with your legging concepts.  For this example, we’d explain it as so- I love the piecing on the side of this legging, but I’d like a little less.  I drew how I’d imagine the different stripes. Only some of them would be mesh.  The rest would be the same as the legging but in different colors like the ombre shirt I included. I also want a higher waist.


This next concept example is perfect if you’re less sure of exactly what you want.  Tell us, I love the mix of print and mesh in the white leggings, but I want something more angled or asymmetrical. I included some other leggings I love.  Can you help me come up with some ideas?

legging concept details

Don’t forget to call out specific details that are important to you, such as the waistband, a pocket placement, or type of stitching.  One of the specialty stitches we can do at JLD-Studios is the merrow activeseam which creates a smooth flat seam.

Of course you can also send sketches to reflect your design ideas. We’ll refrain from sharing the full range of sketches we’ve received.  Instead, we’ll give you this template to download and create legging concept sketches of your own.

legging croquis

Simply save the image, print out, and draw your ideas right on the croquis.  Be sure to draw where the waist should sit, where the hem will be, and any other details you’d like to see on your leggings. We can turn it into a technical sketch once we dive into development.

We look forward to seeing all your creativity come to life using these tips for sending legging concepts. Email info@jld-studios.com to get started.