We strongly believe that the price of manufacturing in the USA outweighs the price of social and environmental justice lost at many overseas facilities, that’s why we are proud of what we do in the Pacific Northwest. Are you in interested in starting your own brand? Are you looking into manufacturing overseas but are skeptical? Here are some of our favorite documentaries to watch to help you make these important business decisions.


The True Cost

Why You Should Watch: This documentary tells the story of fast fashion and its impact on our society and the environment. If you’re ready to find the “true cost” of your clothes, then this documentary is a must.


Thread: A Documentary

Why You Should Watch: Thread showcases a new direction of fashion production. With organic cotton, efficient factories and ethical labor practices on the rise, there is a growing conscience among designers and the need for consumers to understand this expanding trend.



Why You Should Watch: Sweatshop is a series where three Norwegian fashion bloggers travel to Cambodia to experience everyday life as a worker in the textile industry. It is an eye-opening view of the life of sweatshop workers.


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