We often receive multiple inquiries, comments, and sometimes confusion on what exactly is a pattern. There are two terms that are generally used in the apparel manufacturing industry in regards to patterns.

First, patterns, or garment patterns, can be a template from which parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before cutting and assembling. Garment patterns are used in the designing and production process to ensure that the fit of the garment is to the designer’s liking. While a tech pack is a blue print, the garment pattern is the cutting template.

garment pattern



Tip: “Keep in mind that when costs are involved in making a garment, designers must take into consideration how the garment will be sewn systematically in the factory. What might work in a sample room does not always work in the production line

– Susan, our Patternmaker Extraordinaire



Second, a pattern is also a term that is used to describe a repetitive design/motif on fabric. These print patterns can be used on your garments (especially your custom leggings) to add interest. You can make anything into a pattern. Check out some of our work on pattern design.

textile pattern

textile designer


Tip: “Creating prints is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. There are so many elements that have to consider and re-evaluate to make things fit together for a garment. Scale, size, colors, motifs are all elements of our creative problem solving

– Emily, our Awe-Inspiring Textile Designer



At JLD-Studios, we offer both Patternmaking and Textile Design services for your brand. So if you have concerns about your patterns or a dilemma on what textiles to use for your leggings collection, let us take your brand to the next step. Contact us today for more information.