At JLD-Studios, we live and breathe leggings, especially printed leggings. Today, we are here to break down some of the easiest ways to style printed leggings. Here is to wearing leggings that go beyond plain black…

1. Pair with Solids: Prints and solids can balance each other. Let your bold leggings style be the center of attention by wearing a solid color top.

Casual style printed leggings

2. Color Inspiration from the Print: To create a cohesive look, it is great to incorporate some of the colors from your printed leggings into your outfit. Don’t be afraid of color and mix and matching your prints.

mix and match printed leggings

3. Dress it Up: Style printed leggings with a trendy top and pointed shoes, heels, flats, or oxfords to dress up your look. This is a perfect way to take your printed leggings from day to night. We recommend adding your favorite accessories like a statement necklace, stunning clutch, or a pair of sunglasses to finish the outfit.

dress up printed leggings

4. Athleisure-esque: Printed leggings are essential for any athleisure look. Wear your favorite tee and sneakers for an everyday go-to-outfit. (PS: this is our favorite way to wear leggings at JLD-Studios)

athleisure style printed leggings

5. Be Confident: Lastly, confidence is key to any outfit whether it’s with printed leggings or not.

We hope that this inspired you to wear more printed leggings everyday! If you dream of designing your own printed leggings collection or interested in creating your own prints, contact us for more details. We would love to help you make your dreams come true!