As a women-owned and women-operated business, we love to support others like us on this journey. Our first Women in Business feature is Lorica Clothing, founded by Elie Hutchinson. Today, Elie will talk about the story behind her brand and what’s in store for the future.

Elie Hutchinson of Lorica Clothing
Elie Hutchinson of Lorica Clothing

Describe Lorica Clothing in 3 words: For Every Warrior

What inspired you to start Lorica Clothing?

Ever since I paged through my brother’s Dungeons and Dragons manuals as a kid, I’ve been smitten with images of epic heroes and flashing steel. If I had my way, I’d just wear full plate armor casually in my daily life. But in the last couple years, as I watched the offerings of dye sublimated apparel grow, I realized that maybe I could get pretty close. I was inspired to combine my loves of fantasy, history, and all things geeky by replicating real suits of armor onto modern garments, so anyone can roll up to the grocery store 15th century-style. The clothes we wear have always been a sort of “armor” to face our daily challenges: why not empower everyone, especially women, to conquer their unique battles?

Lorica Clothing Leggings 1
The Ausburg Leggings by Lorica Clothing

What do you love about leggings?

Leggings are the perfect canvas for the kind of trompe l’oeil effect I go for with my armor designs. Because they’re skin-tight, the geography of the body becomes a design element as well, so placement-specific art lends itself to some really exciting creative opportunities. Besides, they’re comfy as heck and a versatile garment for every part of the day.

Lorica Clothing Leggings 2
Scudamore and Henry VIII Leggings by Lorica Clothing

What’s next for Lorica Clothing?

I’m excited to see where the brand goes, myself! I’m looking forward to adding more garments like rash guards and tee shirts so full armor ensembles will be possible at some point. 😉

Lorica Clothing Leggings 3
The Ausburg and Henry VIII Leggings by Lorica Clothing

What do you love about JLD-Studios?

How do I love JLD? Let me count the ways. As a small brand, it’s necessary for me to stay nimble and JLD has been the perfect partner for my growing business. No minimums for production, so I can just as easily meet the demand for 20 units as 2000. Great communication, so I can trust that my questions will be answered quickly and with great personal attention. Timely delivery and fabulous production quality. And best of all, I really get the feeling that the team is on my side and looking out for my brand, rather than just mindlessly churning out units. For example, Jenn took the initiative to test different printing methods and settings to achieve the richest color for my designs. She has also offered ideas for ways to use leftover materials and is always happy to offer recommendations based on her wealth of experience without “pushing” a solution on me. I am so impressed by the team’s self-motivation to improve processes and perfect outcomes without even having to be asked because they clearly take pride in turning around a quality product.

We hope you enjoyed our first Women in Business series. We cannot wait to share more stories and inspiration with you in the future. If you are curious about our services in textile design and leggings manufacturing, feel free to contact us.