She is an all-star designer, creative, and woman. Jennifer Diana is JLD-Studios Founder and Creative Director. We are so excited to have her on the blog and share her stories on how JLD-Studios began.

JLD-Studios Founder

So why did you created JLD-Studios?

Throughout my career in fashion, I’ve always been passionate about finding a way to create more jobs in the US.  Initially, we started as a freelance business servicing the apparel industry in apparel development and textile design. Over the years we’ve been able to build a team of hardworking women that together excel in all areas of full product development through manufacturing. Those women are the reason for JLD-Studios.

What has been the biggest obstacle?

Aside from all the usual stuff, low funds, no sleep, etc; probably staying focused and learning to track information the way I’ve tracked fashion trends for years. We’ve recently narrowed our offering to textile design and legging manufacturing. That’s part of the focus to put all of our in-house resources to the best use possible and provide amazing products and services to our clients.

What is your favorite part of the studio?

Everything! Remember, focus is hard for me.  As JLD-Studios founder I love being involved in each aspect and working with the entire team on new ideas.

What in store for JLD-Studios in the future?

One of our studio laws is Make Fashion Accessible.  We’re working on tools to do just that~  more print resources, easier development tools, and lots of leggings! We recently launched a really simple way to order leggings and prints from our website. Go check it out!

Lastly, name 3 things that you cannot live without!

Coffee, Fitbit, and sneakers.