We are no stranger to 1960’s fashion (check out our previous blog post). We love the bright patterns, interesting silhouettes that this era brought to the fashion industry. Today, we are diving deeper into the history of the man who created the distinctive psychedelic patterns which proliferated during the mid-Sixties as well as his version of “leggings.” Emilio Pucci printed leggings are sensual, effortlessly elegant, and made to liberate a woman’s movement in every situation.

Emilio Pucci painting prints

Emilio Pucci was born in Naples, Italy on November 20th, 1914 to an illustrious Italian family. He graduated from the Università di Firenze in 1941 with a doctorate in political science, after having attended the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, and Reed College in Portland, Oregon (He was a Portlandian back in the day). Pucci began designing his own prints during the ’50s inspired by Sicilian mosaics, heraldic banners, Bali batiks, and African motifs. Because of his bold patterns and designed ultimately gave him the name “Prince of Prints.” Pucci’s use of bright colors, geometric patterns, and joyful combinations became the hallmark of Pucci design. We are always inspired by his creations when creating prints for our clients.

Emilio Pucci Printed Leggings

During the 1960’s he created the fuseaux, a form of stretchy pants made from silk with footers. The fuseaux is his interpretation of the thing that we now call Leggings. They became quite popular for skiing, dance, and gymnastics. Emilio Pucci would style them with miniskirts, platform heels, or shift dresses. The evolution of fuseaux continued with the development of stretchy fabrics which then led to Patricia Field to invent the modern leggings in the 1970’s.

Emilio Pucci Prints and Leggings 2

Emilio Pucci was a major influence on luxury sportswear fashion and his legacy continues today with the help of his predecessors. Today, they have taken inspiration from his fuseaux and translated it to modern leggings. We are totally obsessed with these printed leggings.


We hope you enjoyed our post about Emilio Pucci printed leggings. If you’re inspired to create your own prints and leggings collection, get started today.