Supporting other women owned businesses drives us everyday.  Launching a snow leggings line is more up hill than down hill.  Learn more about how Cheryl Baker of Sto Snow does it!

Why did you create Sto Snow Leggings?

I created Sto Snow because in 15 years of skiing at the end of every day on the mountain, my friends and I would complain to each other how there are no women’s snow pants out there made specifically with women’s bodies in mind. What seems to be mostly available are pants made for men’s shape and structure made smaller for women. Every woman I see around me wears form fitting pants for working out whether it’s running, yoga, pilates etc. so I thought why shouldn’t our ski pants be that way too?

What makes Sto Snow unique from other brands?

The original goal with Sto Snow was to create a pant that is the ‘everygirl’s’ snow pant. A lot of athletic clothing brands seem to connect with the ‘die hards’ or experts. Sto pants are for all women – whether it’s their first or five hundredth day on the mountain or just to have something comfortable to wear to play in the snow with the kids. The other way I tried to make the pants for all women is the price point. By only selling them on our website and at trunk shows I am able to keep the price at wholesale as opposed to retail which I think would price out a lot of people. I want the mature career woman as well as the penny pinching college student to be able to afford a pair of snow pants that are functional, comfortable, and make their asses look great.

As an entrepreneur (and New Mom!) how do you achieve work-life balance?

To be honest, I’m still figuring out this whole work-life balance thing. Before our daughter Penelope came along, work took precedence but I knew when to cut loose and enjoy a weekend on skis. Now that we have an 8 week old, most of our time and attention go towards her. I’m sure as she gets older that will change. I guess the best thing I do is be easy on myself for when life has to come before work or when work has to come before life – it’s a balance that I don’t think is ever even but goes back and forth like a see-saw and as long as I’m kind to myself when one needs more attention than the other then it all evens out in the end and I stay mostly sane and happy.

What does Sto Snow plan to “crush” this year?

Since our daughter was born on December 1st, and I wasn’t allowed to ski until this week, the crushing goal for this year was just to keep up with the business and stay organized so that next season we are ready to really get out there. Sto Snow is going to crush the tail end of Winter.

What do you love about working with JLD-Studios?

In a word – Everything. I love the quality of the work that comes out of JLD. I love that they make it so that Sto Snow pants can be made in America which was important to me from the start. I love how responsive Jenn is to any questions or concerns. Something else that I find so special about JLD is the humanity aspect they have – not only did Jenn get a full idea and feeling for what I was trying to accomplish from the pants but there is also a sense that we’re working together as real people not just two businesses. This is something that I think so many businesses let slip and it’s comforting that JLD Studios always has that genuine connection on point.

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