While producing a legging may look simple there is quite a lot that happens between concept and production. We came across a great example this week of why the legging development process is needed.

One of our artist sketched up some leggings for marketing purposes. I was so impressed, I said, “Let’s make them!”

concept for legging development

Then it happened, the series of unanswered questions that a concept sketch can leave up to interpretation.

This is where we jump into the first part of legging development. Usually, the more interesting the seaming, the more questions we have. Then there’s the question of materials, pockets and stitching.

legging development in progress

It takes a little white out, sharpie, a few emails and design edits, to work through the look of the garment- but it’s a great way to get client approval. With the finalized legging sketch we have a clear path forward to a technical package. That’s where the next group of our development questions will be answered.

legging technical sketch

A technical sketch shows materials, stitching and overall construction required to put together the legging. It’s one component of the tech pack, or blueprint of the garment.

Now that we have a clear vision of what this legging looks like and how it will be sewn, read on to Part 2 of Legging Development. You can also drop us a line and get your new leggings started today.