Dropshipping can be a great way to start up a new brand or website. But let’s face it; it’s a crowded arena! How do you standout in a Dropship Marketplace?

Dropship marketplace

Give your customers what they want! If you’ve been in the dropshipping business for a while, you have customer feedback. Mine that data! Start to categorize the comments good and bad, and see where you should make changes.

If you’re just getting ready to launch, we can give you some tips. Though we should warn you, we will be a bit biased toward what’s happening in the legging marketplace.

1- Fabric Consistency

One of the biggest issues we hear from clients moving beyond traditional dropshipping is fabric consistency. When they order printed leggings, the fabric is not always the same from one batch to the next. This can frustrate consumers. If you’re doing it right, the customer doesn’t know you’re utilizing a Dropship Marketplace. They expect to receive the same quality leggings every time.

2- Variety

We see this comment crop up a lot in printed leggings. With everyone using the same 2-3 companies to showcase their artwork, differentiation is difficult. Putting your own stamp on leggings in the dropship marketplace can be as simple as offering a different waistband. Or if you want to really turn it up, something more complex like pockets and mesh cutouts.

offer multiple sizes in dropship marketplace

3- Size

Are you marketing to plus size customers? Petite? Tall? Many companies focused on a dropship model do not offer as much diversity. Making specialty sized leggings, like our friends at Kanika Wear, can be an amazing way to stand out.

Now you know our top 3 suggestions to stand out in the cluttered dropship marketplace. Consistent fabric plus the right fit and styling for your ideal customer.

Are you ready to take control of your leggings and upgrade from basic dropshipping options? This form will walk you through some variations we have available without jumping into full legging development. Our production orders start at just 25 units, and we can store and ship direct to consumer. Standout today!

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