Yes, the sublimation printing process requires polyester. No, it doesn’t have to be gross! But more on that later. In answer to your burning question:

How does sublimation printing happen?

Simple, right- So why do you need polyester fabric?

In step 2 there is a bit more happening than meets the eye. The paper and fabric are being run through a heat press. This is essentially an oven heated up to 400 degrees. While they travel through the rollers a chemical reaction is happening. The water based sublimation ink evaporates from the paper into a gas. The molecules in this gas bond to the polyester fiber. As a result the design is transferred from the paper onto fabric.

Don’t worry we’re done with your Chemistry Lesson for the day. What does the Bond between Polyester and the Sublimation Printing Process mean to you?

Prints that don’t Wash Out

Ink is embedded into the polyester fiber. It’s not on the surface like other forms of printing. Therefore it won’t flake off or fade out after only a few washes.

no fade sublimation printing

Uncompromising Hand feel

The sublimation printing process bonds the ink directly to the polyester fiber. Where surface treatments can change the feel of the fabric, sublimation circumvents this and keeps the fabric feeling like new.

Limitless Screens

Have you ever designed a print only to find out your can’t achieve the full range of color you were hoping for. This is usually due to screen limitations. The sublimation printing process doesn’t use screens. It’s a digital process and allows you the full range of colors you’re looking for.

sublimation printing without screen limitations

See polyester fabric can be pretty awesome! Now that you understand the benefits of this printing process and material, contact us to learn how we can transform your print ideas into fabric.