We love working with clients remotely, it’s the digital age after all. One area that can get a bit tricky is color matching.

Why? (and) What does that mean?
Basically, getting the color you’re envisioning to print out, or match, your example image, swatch, or idea.

One way to do this is with Pantone Color Systems. The only downfall is you really need to have the physical books. Here’s why:

Pantone Color Matching Living Coral

We visited their website and utilized the handy “Find a Pantone” Tool. This snapshot is what we could see on our screen versus the physical Living Coral page from our Pantone book. See the difference?

So, which color is it?
Neither, because you’re still looking at it on a screen!

Don’t get us wrong, the online reference tool is a great way to get the idea of a color. And can be invaluable if you’re not too specific with the shade needed. But this is an excellent example to showcase how different mediums will show print differently. Here are some more examples.

  • Different computer/phone/tablet (Want more Proof: type ‘Pantone Living Coral’ into google and check the color on a couple of your devices)
  • Fabric/Paper
  • Fabric/Computer
  • Fabric/Fabric
  • Printer/Printer
  • Any combination of the above

So what do we do to ensure the best color matching when ordering sublimation prints?

First, identify if a specific Pantone shade is required. This is important with some licenses and logos. If you’re mixing product into existing inventory or mixing materials, a specific color may need color matching.

If a specific color is needed, send us the pantone number (we have books here for color matching) or a physical swatch to match too. Otherwise some inspiration pictures to show the overall tone should get us in the range.

color matching

Then we’ll get to work behind the scenes mixing CMYK values to match the hue described. We print strike-offs to review against the reference swatch. Once the correct color has been identified, we adjust the artwork for final printing.

With any part of garment printing and construction, there is a range of acceptable tolerance. We’ll do our best to get as close to your color as possible. Then save that info to keep each subsequent order within the approved guidelines.

Still have more questions before sending your artwork? Drop us a line and we’ll do our best to fill in the blanks.