Get Shit Done. This has been our motto since day one and continues to be a guiding principle.

The last 2ish years have been an interesting roller coaster. While we’re not out the other side yet, we’re continuing to do our part to stay positive and create the products that make you happy. This post was originally written when we didn’t know what the future held in store. We’ve kept some exerts from that time below. But plan to continue to update here with all the shit we’re getting done.

9/1/2021 Update
Started offering health insurance to all full-time employees.

4/20/2021 Update
Added an additional Sewing Position that started today.

11/9/2020 Update
Moving to a new studio space with more room, more light, and more electricity!

8/24/2020 Update
Added a New Position – Production Coordinator to oversee the production process.

7/1/2020 Update
Started offering 401k to all team members.

5/1/2020 Update
Most of our production is currently masks, but we are back up to full speed!
Plus we’ve launched a new website putting all of our textile designs online. Sign up Here!

4/8/2020 Update
We are deploying a variety of strategies to keep as many of our employees working as possible. Development services, such as textile design, apparel development, and prototypes are currently being worked on from home.  Production is slowly coming back on line.  We are prioritizing clients with pre-orders and medical or COVID related products.  Plans are to resume full production schedule at the beginning of May.  Stay well! 

3/25/2020 Update
Due to state mandates, we’ve decided to temporary suspend our production services for a few weeks. Team members that are able will be working from home on design and development services. This includes print design, tech packs, patternmaking, and prototypes.

We’ll continue to work with our production partners to get them the products they need when their customers are ready for them.

In an effort to Get Shit Done- we have some exciting new programs rolling out to help brands big and small working from home. Stay tuned here for updates or join our mailing list to stay informed.

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