If you follow us on Instagram, you already know how this story goes. A girl goes to the nail salon for a fresh mani pedi, gets some simple nail art, and a few hours later is inspired to create a print design.

We love this story as it shows you never know how or where inspiration will strike. Of course this print design didn’t start with the results you see.

Some creative brain spiraling through Florida, diner seats, and neon signs. Flash on flamingos and pop! A design with pink flamingos highlighted in teal. Let’s see how we take that idea and the actual print comes together.

flamingo print design

We start many of our ideas on paper. Watercolor and a little salt sets the tone. Once dry, teal accents are added. Then scan, layout, a slight color refresh, and a new textile is born. The salt created a great texture and the flora was fun. In the end an overlapping collage felt more fresh and the final colors were seamless against our nail art.

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