A “simple” project is rarely as simple as it seems for a sewing factory to produce profitably- for the shop or the client.  Most manufacturers have a specialty, something they do REALLY WELL.  For us, that’s leggings.   Over the years we’ve been able to expand this offering to other products with similar materials and construction. 

How do we decide what’s right for our factory?  We start with the following questions:

knit fabric

What’s the MATERIAL?
We primarily work with knit fabrics, prefer synthetics, and avoid lightweight and loose knit materials.

 – Our team members are wizards at sewing knits thanks to years of practice focused on continuous improvement.  This has left little time to work on alternative fabrics.

  – All products are cut single ply on a laser cutter versus traditional stack and cutting.  The downside, fabric is not laid out to relax prior to cutting.  We’ve found that lightweight and loose knit materials do not perform as well in this set-up. 

We train in techniques specific to sewing leggings and look for products that share similar construction values.  This keeps our sewing team happy and productive while utilizing our current machinery.  It’s never simple to buy and set-up a new piece of equipment.  Just as our team has put in years improving their knit sewing techniques, it takes considerable time to learn a new type of machinery.

What’s the QUANTITY?
Sewing in small batches is time consuming.  The per piece speed at 25 units versus 250 or 2500 is very different.  We must consider the time our team needs time to learn to sew the product.  This means the further away from our core competencies a project is, the higher quantity required for our factory. 

sublimation printing in us factory

Will it be PRINTED?
Since we do sublimation printing in house, we like products that utilize this service.  It’s a little secret weapon to getting new product in the door.  This is also where synthetic fabrics are important – we can only print on polyester blends.

Did you notice how many times we said team??  At the end of the day any sewn product we bring into the factory must be a good fit for them.  While we prioritize a Get Shit Done culture, this can’t be done without putting our people first.  They are responsible for making it happen, so we do our best to select products they can make successfully. 

Thinking about reaching out to us with your product idea?  Send us an email describing the garments (pictures help!) and include answers to the above questions.  The more information you can provide the better we can analyze the fit for our sewing factory.   

Legging Sewing Factory