In a few days Pantone will be announcing it’s highly anticipated 2022 color of the year.  [UPDATE: VERY PERI 17-3938].   While we impatiently await this update, we thought we’d share another fun item from them – Pantone Sticker Chips.

pantone sticker chips

While pantone is one of the most universally followed color standards, not everyone is in a position to own the (ever updating) color books.  In comes this fascinating sticker page. An affordable way to review your color choices and share the palette with your entire network.  Whether it’s your garment manufacturer, screenprinter, or sign company.  These chips will help make sure everyone is on the same page for less than $30 per sheet.

multi color pantone sticker

Why would you need to review your color choice?
The color you see on the computer screen is a representation of the color but may not very accurate.  Every computer screen, tablet, and phone has a different setting that can affect how the color is viewed.  Reviewing a physical pantone chip is the best way to know exactly what the color looks like.

This pantone sticker sheet can make all the difference in achieving your color of choice.  (and we are not getting paid for this post)  We just like to keep you informed and help make your legging dreams come true. Personal favorite feature – you can pick up to 5 colors!