Feeling limited by available printing techniques? We use sublimation printing in our studio. While it does require polyester fabric- that’s one of the few limitations. The material can be blended with cotton, spandex, or a host of other fibers. The ink will bond to the polyester fiber. This process also allows us to print on textured fabrics, through water-repellent treatments, and even on pre-dyed cloth.

print on textured fabrics
2336A – 2193A

These designs were printed on a blend of polyester and cotton apparent in a slub knit. The print on textured fabrics ads depth to both the stripe design & floral pattern in very individual ways. This blended technique renders a solid into a heathered fabric without any dye lot minimums. While on the floral, combining a natural fiber with polyester quickly creates a vintage look.

print on grey heather
1280D – 1839A

You may have also heard you need to print on a white base. This will result in the truest color, but it’s not necessary for the transfer to take place. Sublimation printing can be done on pre-dyed material. Checkout the way this grey heather accentuates the dragonfly wing texture. Plus a geo looks great on a heather grey tee. The base cloth does need to be lighter than the print in order for the color to show up.

sublimation print on mesh
1492A – 2352A

Getting creative with materials is a lot of fun! We’re always happy to give a new fabric a try. Featured above is a holographic foil print overprinted with sublimation. We’ve also experimented with mesh and we’re shocked at how clear the images remained despite the textured fabrics.

sublimation print on textured fabrics
1550A – 2475A

Over the years we’ve experimented with print on textured fabrics of every variety. The mosaic print on the left was done on a rayon polyester jacquard. The ink was only picked up on the polyester adding depth to the surface. On the left is 100% polyester French Terry. After printing the loops are still visible, but completely saturated with color due to the sublimation process.

To truly appreciate these techniques they need to be seen in person. Contact us to learn more about the different types of material we can print on. Or send us a swatch and let’s see what we can create together.

tie dye tank tops

In the meantime- check out our latest experiment. Tie-dye tanks are available now. MOQ starts at just 24 pieces. These are made from reclaimed polyester/spandex jersey in a grey heather. Email info@jld-studios.com to order.