We’re picking back up our Women In Business series with May Babes founder Emily who has created a new kind of supportive legging. Her patent pending leggings design is currently available in Everyday and Maternity silhouettes with an Equestrian style coming soon!! Keep reading to learn more about what inspired Emily and keeps her focused on these functional, innovative leggings for bodies in motion.

As legging connoisseurs ourselves, we want to know- What is your favorite thing about leggings? 

The right pair of leggings can be worn anywhere, and with anything. I love that if you wear leggings you can be as active as you want at any given moment. They are perfect for everyday. I also have learned I have a mild fabric obsession. Our current fabric we get from JLD is amazing so now leggings have to have great fabric for me to love them. 

patent pending leggings in motion

What inspired you to start Maybabes? 

I had my second child, and during the recovery all I wanted to do was wear my leggings. As a new mom, you’re at home but you still need to be able to move, bend over, lay in bed and sit. Leggings are perfect for that. But, I couldn’t wear leggings comfortably because I still had to wear a pad which required giant underwear. So I cut the middle part (crotch) out of some underwear and sewed them (badly, haha) into my favorite leggings. The idea was born!

patent pending leggings with built in support

How do you make time for the business with littles at home? 

I am working on that, haha. With two kids, I try to work mostly MWF when they are both in school. On certain days I work in the morning while my daughter is home and she paints. When she’s done, I am expected to be done too. Admittedly, I have a poor life/work balance right now. But recently my son told one of his teachers that I have a cool leggings company. That made me feel like I am not taking from my family, I am adding to it from my hard work. Beyond that, it is super early mornings for my personal time, and a late night once a week to catch up. It is hard, but I do enjoy it.  

What’s your top tip for new apparel entrepreneurs? 

Find a great manufacturer. Please trust me when I say this! The wrong manufacturer costs you time, money and regret. Sometimes people do not see design the same way, and that is ok. Just do your research beforehand so that is not as likely. A great product might not be a fast burn, or be more expensive, but when people start finding you, and the quality of seams and stitching and fabric is there, they’ll be return customers and spread the word. That is the crux of why a manufacturer matters. 

How has JLD helped you produce your patent pending leggings design?
Jennifer is a really talented designer, and has helped me immensely in bringing all of my ideas to life. She is also very good about educating me on things like measurements, grading and fabric, which might be my (other) favorite part. I don’t have any background in any of this, so the information she has taught me while I have been working with JLD is invaluable. I couldn’t do it without her. 

What is the best thing about owning your own business that you didn’t expect? 

leggings with built in patent pending support

Learning about my customers shared experiences. The world wants to highlight our differences, but we are more alike than we are different. I also love the creativity I get to experience daily. 

What’s next for MayBabes? 

We are expanding a bit. I only want to offer a few variations so we don’t have overstock and overwhelm. We are launching Equestrian riding leggings (called breeches). I’m a lifelong equestrian and really looking forward to this version. We are also hoping to bring a capri version of the leggings that customers have requested for some time, while offering a thong version to the mix as well. I also cannot forget, I would like to add COLOR to the line up in 2022, but we shall see when. 

May Babes leggings all come with a supportive built in underwear, eliminating panty lines and providing support where you need it. Whether that’s during pregnancy, after, or anytime you’d like a little extra seamless coverage. Be sure to check them out online and show them some insta love. She always has great behind the scenes vids and we appreciate her take on the patent process.