As we celebrate 10 years in business we can’t help but reminisce on our business growth. When we went from a mere design studio to full fledged production, we made a commitment to supporting small and emerging brands. One way we did this was through creating a customizable legging suite. The pre-production costs are lower while the options are expansive (over 500 variations at last count). Samples are encouraged prior to production and MOQ is just 24 pieces per legging style and colorway.

The main categories that can create those 500 variations are waistband style, stitching type, fabric, legging length, and pocket variation. All this before you add in color and print options for your branded leggings! We’ve snuck in forms throughout our website to help with this process and there is one below. Let’s dig into these different features so you’re more prepared to create your own legging variation.

custom legging waistband options

Our customizable legging suite has four standard waistband options. Option A, the wide or high waist option is our most popular with a soft folded edge. Option B, is a mid rise and more narrow waist band. Since this style hits lower on the torso, it does have some elastic to help maintain the fit. Option C & D are similar, D just has the black 1-1/2″ elastic exposed. These can be done in a mid or high rise legging or short options.

customizable legging stitch options

We offer a variety of stitching for the main construction of your leggings. Seams are minimal, but important. A serged seam is the most popular type of stitching you’ll see on clothing. Coverstitch can be used in key places or on all seams if you’d like the stitching to be more pronounced. Keep in mind this stitch requires two passes so premium costing is applied. Activeseam is a newer technology, but just like the title it’s great for activewear. This stitch creates a smooth flatseam.

Legging length is very important! We offer full length, 7/8, capri, and shorts in all of these combinations. You can also request pockets, just add this request to the notes section. We’ll give you room to upload a print design, logo, or any other inspiration to help us customized the legging for your brand.

sublimation fabrics for customizable legging suite

Sublimation printing is our specialty and we stock 7 polyester/spandex fabrics for this purpose. A swatch packet can be ordered in advance of sampling to choose the perfect legging material. Every brand is unique. From their fabric choices, to their silhouette. For this reason we do not keep a lot of extra fabric on hand. We’re always happy to help you source an alternative material.

Custom comes first at JLD-Studios. Use the below form to submit your legging request.